How to set up your School 360 and Google Classroom from a phone/tablet

Step 1:  Download the app 'Google Classroom'
Step 2:  Press Get Started
Step 3: click add an account
Step 4: It asks you to add an email - this is your child's username that they use to log onto school360 (please note some children have a number 1 afterwards on their username) then add  Example:
Step 5:  This takes you to school 360
Step 6:  Log onto 360 using your username e.g. fred.bloggs and your child's password
Step 7:  Click to allow notifications
Step 8:  Click on your teachers name and you should be in the classroom, scroll down and you will find the work set.  
Step 9:  Click on classroom folders (if you haven't already done so you may need to download google drive too)  This will let you create work on a google doc (similar to Microsoft Word)