Information concerning the general arrangements in Northumberland is given separately in a County education booklet, copies of which are available for parents of pupils who are starting or transferring schools next September.  This includes a copy of the County Admissions Policy.

We ask that parents register pupils for our Nursery as soon as possible after their child's second birthday.  Registration forms are available from the school office.

All parents, whether in, or outside, the school’s catchment area, must fill in a School Preference form. This should be completed online at Northumberland County Council's Admissions portal in December at the latest, prior to their child entering school and again when transferring to Middle School (paper copies are available on request).

Children from our school usually transfer at the age of 9 to either Chantry Middle School or Dr Thomlinsons C of E Middle School.

At the age of 13 most children transfer to the King Edward VI School.


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