Our Federation

Longhorsley and Whalton First Schools became a Confederation in September 2006 when a shared Headteacher was appointed to enable both schools to have a non-class based Headteacher to secure the strategic vision of both schools.

This successful partnership evolved and strengthened over a period of four years. It enabled staff in both of these small, rural first schools to work together and plan exciting, innovative curriculum projects. The children were able to widen their friendship groups and enhance their school experience by working together.

Both schools were fortunate to have a forward-thinking, pro-active governing body who appreciated the benefits of working together during the previous four years. The two separate governing bodies moved towards a Hard Federation in the Autumn of 2009 with The Federation of Longhorsley and Whalton First Schools becoming established on 1st January 2010 with one joint Governing Body.

The Federation aims to strengthen both schools and move forward to continue their strong and successful approach of always working in partnership with others for the benefit of both schools and communities.

Curriculum Planning is consistent across the Federation. The children in both schools work on the same topics at the same time and meet up for special events/themed days/activity days.

Extract from National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools Report:

'A key achievement of the last six years has been the establishment of a hard federation with Whalton First School.  This process, which has been carefully and creatively managed, is now bearing fruit: a single, effectively structured Governing Body; joint policies; flexible staff deployment; the enriching of each school community with some of the strengths of the other; now eagerly anticipated occasional federation worship.'